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E-watt Electric Technology (Suzhou)Co.,LTD is one of leading manufactory in electric element &equipment ,The company is located in Suzhou ,was founded in 1996.It provides varieties of electric heater .our products have many different types ,including cartridge heater ,tubular heater ,cast-in heater ,band&coil heater, resistance& heating wire, ceramic heater, quartz heater,......


2019-10-30 Cartridge heater market analysis

2019-10-30 heater

2019-4-21 Cartridge heater market analysis

2019-4-21 The EWATT series of high power densi

2019-4-21 EWATT® cartridge heater

2019-4-21 Cartridge Heaters

2019-4-15 EWATT® cartridge heater standard st

2019-4-15 EWATT® cartridge heater standard st

2019-4-15 EWATT® 6.5mm cartridge heater

2019-4-15 EWATT® 10mm cartridge heater standa

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